Horfield Organic Community Orchard (HOCO) is a not-for-profit community initiative. Basic running costs are met by membership subscriptions and money raised at public events.


HOCO has two kinds of members:

  • Harvest-share members – active volunteers who look after the orchard
  • Friends of HOCO – who support the orchard financially

We are open to new Harvest-share members for 2024 who are taking part in an Orchard Learning course. Joining early in the year gives new members the chance to experience the orchard over the whole seasonal growing cycle.

Friends of HOCO

Friends of HOCO support the orchard financially with their membership subscription. Friends often help out at events and volunteer sessions. Supporters of HOCO are welcome to join us as a Friend at anytime.

Be active, be fruitful!

Harvest-share Membership

Harvest-share members are active volunteers who look after the orchard and the group. As well as a ‘divi’ of fresh, organic fruit, active members benefit from:

  • Hands-on learning
  • Mood-lifting outdoor activity
  • Green exercise in a beautiful space
  • Nourishing Bristol’s local food networks and communities
  • Doing good work with a friendly group of people

Harvest Share membership is open to individuals and households keen to learn about fruit growing and look after all aspects of the orchard and the group. The more time you give, the greater the share of the harvest you get – see information below.

How do members look after the orchard?

Working meetings – two afternoons a month from February to November. Normally the second Saturday and fourth Sunday of the month, from 2pm – 5pm.

Buddying up with a fruit tree (or two) – a Tree Buddy. Every tree is different. Getting to know one tree up close, and seeing it respond to your care over the season, strengthens learning and participation.

Helping to run two (or more) working meetings a year, with two other members as part of a Horfield Orchard Organising Team (HOOT).

Training at working meetings, workshops*, and one-to-one*. We are lucky to have fruit growing expert and experienced community orchard educator, Shannon Smith, as one of our long-standing members. Shannon leads learning sessions and courses in the orchard. Members benefits include discounted rates for Orchard Learning courses, and garden or allotment consultations.

Public Events engage us with the wider community and help raise funds for HOCO. Members help in advance and on the day.

Projects over the years have made opportunities for education and community engagement, and improved structures and facilities in the orchard. Bee Active, Bee Fruitful! – a Community Pollinator project part-funded by West of England Combined Authority – will improve biodiversity and habitat for wild pollinators during 2024.

Harvest-share membership options

Harvest-share optionsHours – minimum (Example for an individual)
Half-share (.5 of a share)20 hours (About 6 working meetings & one event)
Full-share (1 share)40 hours (About 12 working meetings & two events)
Full-share extra (1.5 share)60 hours (About 16 working meetings &  two events)

HOCO Membership Subcriptions

Membership typeYearly costHarvest-share or Friends fruit
Harvest member – Individual£35Half, Full, or Full extra
Harvest household* – Two adults (usually at the same address)£40Half, Full or Full extra
Friend of HOCO£25Selection of mid/ late fruits
Supporting Organisation£40Selection of mid/ late fruits

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HOCO Membership is open to adults aged 18 and over. Young adults aged 16-18 are welcome to join with an adult family member, or carer, as a Household. Younger children are welcome to help at working meetings. For the safety of all, each child must be supervised by at least one adult family member or carer.

The HOCO membership year runs from 1 February to 31 March.
Membership subscriptions are paid on joining, and due again each February.

Hands-on learning about fruit growing

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