Welcome to Horfield Organic Community Orchard
growing fruit, community, learning and wellbeing since 1998

Horfield Organic Community Orchard (HOCO) is an inspiring, pioneering, local food project that put down roots 26 years ago on an allotment site behind HMP Bristol. The orchard is home to more than 80 different fruiting trees. It was planned to show that local grown fruit can be eaten and enjoyed all year round.

HOCO is a grassroots example of resilience in a world living with climate chaos. We are experimenting and adapting the ways we care for our trees to meet serious challenges to food production now, and for the future. Do you care about the future of food growing? Join us to support our work and take real-world action with others on the ground.

Read more about HOCO and the fruit we grow in the Orchard. See photographs of our beautiful orchard in the Gallery. Find us here.

The orchard is cared for by Harvest-share members, who are active volunteers. Members look after the trees, site and structures at regular working meetings [link to xxx]. They organise projects, seasonal celebrations and public events [to be linked to What’s on] and also do the admin that helps the group and the orchard to thrive.

Join as an active Member for hands-on learning about fruit growing, green exercise in a beautiful space, and a share of the delicious fruit.

Harvest-share ‘divi’ day – October 2019
Apple Day 2022 – cutting apples for juicing

Friends of HOCO support the orchard with their membership subscriptions, donations, and help at events. HOCO Membership is open to individuals, households and organisations. Join us [to be linked] to support local, community food growing.

New to fruit growing? Keen to learn more about pruning, lively soils, caring for trees in a climate crisis, and making the most of the harvest? HOCO hosts Orchard Learning and seasonal Pruning courses.

The orchard is home to The Apple Tree Lady. Get in touch with this fruit tree and orchard learning expert here [link to Links] to arrange a visit to your garden, allotment or community growing project.

All are welcome to our community celebrations and public events. We Wassail in January, invite you to enjoy our Summer Orchard Open Day in June, and celebrate the harvest at Apple Day in October.

Join us and help turn Bristol into an Orchard city.

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Growing season pruning workshop – 2018
HOCO Wassail, January 2024 – tying clouties to the Old Apple Tree
Preparing the Home Orchard Plot – 2016
Pressing juice at a Working Meeting